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真秘魯聖木線香 – 長燒型

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NT$ 650.00
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NT$ 650.00

長度:21 cm
製造地: 台灣製香

◉ 100%天然祕魯聖木研磨製成的香品,無添加任何香精、化學成分、防腐劑。以無香腳方式製香,只有最純粹的香甜木質味,才能潛入靈魂
► 通過SGS之CNS15047無毒性超微量香品認證,請安心使用
◉ 淨化、薰香、香氛、瑜珈、冥想、安定情緒、平衡身心狀態
◉ 轉換空間的能量與氣味,掃除負能量

⚠️ 注意事項
➊ 使用時,請注意空間通風
➋ 孕婦、呼吸道過敏患者請斟酌使用
➌ 請避免日光直接照射,常溫保存

Pure Palo Santo Incense Sticks

100% Natural Ingredients: Pure Palo Santo powder with Nanmu tree bark as the binder. No additives of perfume, essential oils, or chemical compounds.

Quantity: 33 sticks/pack

Length: 21 CM (Diameter)

Burn time: ~70 minutes

Sustainably harvested and sourced in Peru | Manufactured in Taiwan for PEACEFULNING

How to use: Light the tip for a few seconds and gently blow out the flame so that a steady stream of smoke is released. Place the incense on a heat-resistant holder to ensure safety and an even burn.

Enjoy with ease: SGS tested and approved. Keep in a dry and cool place.


●  Use in a well-ventilated space and never leave a burning cone unattended.

●  Keep out of reach of children, and pets, and away from flammable articles.

●  Pregnant women and people with respiratory conditions should counsel a doctor or health practitioner before using.